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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Coincidence or the power of prayer?

A short story that was shared with me this weekend (names have been changed).

Lisa, a girl of around nine, kept complaining her back was aching and her mother Gina kept dismissing it as growing pains telling her not to worry and fuss about it. One day though the pain her daughter was experiencing became too much. She took a look at her daughters back and the spine seemed quite bent and twisted and had a strange lump next to it. This was obviously quite distressing and the mother felt bad she had dismissed her daughters claims. She vowed to take her daughter to the doctor on the Monday.
The next day was Sunday and as usual they went to the morning service at their church. Gina asked her daughter if she'd be okay with people praying over her for healing. Being a typical kid this didn't faze her one bit and nodded that she'd be fine with being prayed for.
They asked her if she believed God would heal her and she answered "sure, why not?". 
Whilst the people prayed over Lisa the man who had his hand on her back could feel the spine straightening and Lisa said she felt a warm sensation. 
When it was over, Gina took a look at Lisa's back and was shocked to see the spine was no longer bent and twisted and the lump had disappeared!

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