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Monday, June 28, 2010

Interview with Barry Fitzgerald

Barry is a well known/high profile paranormal investigator. We've seen him on television with Ghost Hunters and Ghost Hunters International and he is also an accomplished author.  We wanted to get to know a bit more about Barry and we thank him for taking the time out to answer some questions.  To read more about Barry please visit his website at: www.barryfitzgeraldonline.com.

In GH you come across as quite a spiritual person. Would you mind sharing your beliefs with us?

Life is running at an ever increasing rate, no longer can we hear or see the true world around us, its beauty and of course on some occasions its horror. We don't even walk to the stores anymore and we are becoming quicker and quicker, we have somehow become detached from the very eco system the supports our lives. For instance many forests around the world have wind that blows through the trees, you will hear and see many different animals leading each country to have a different voice almost. It is this voice that we don't even recognize now.. By giving the individual back that forgotten talent then you can begin to notice other things which up to that point we simply tuned out as we got dragged into a rat race which feeds a beast that we have become slaves too.
I'm not a religious person, I'm a spiritual person which is very different. I have a relationship with that higher authority that works very well for me  but has taken years to find. I have a deep caring for all things living, except wasps. I have nothing but contempt for those :) But I'm working on it.

What do you think intelligent hauntings are? Are they human? Why haven't they "crossed over"?

Now here is a difficult question. Some intelligences I feel are simply lost and have not crossed over, human in other words. But then there is another type and only the trained eye can catch these. These types have to be second guessed and can run havoc if not detected soon into the investigation. That's why its important to second guess the results and examine everything. Of course we are left wondering what they are, but we do know what they are capable of. My next publication due out in November 'The Influence' deals with this very question and looks at how these others can effect the human host and make subtle changes resulting in catastrophic outcomes. 

What are your views on other forms of hauntings?

There of course are earth spirit involvement in a property which can be troublesome, attachments to antiques, attachments to individuals, maybe when a visitor comes to your home or something we picked up when we where out shopping. There can be many reasons why one would attach itself. Of course then there are manifestations of the mind, in Tibetan lore they would be known as Tulpa and can be a very hard thing to deal with once it breaks free from the person that made it, for a lot of the time it can be made by a person with an imbalance in the mind but with a strong emotional drive, usually stimulated by a deep routed animalistic sexual drive. The night attacks can sometimes be confused with this type of attack but they are pretty unique on there own accord and need no invitation but they can be beaten also. The term ghost fractures under the microscope into many different areas, but each can be fixed, its knowing who to turn to and Dustin Pari and I are releasing a new book out in the Fall of 2011 'So My Home Is Haunted....Now What?' It looks at the different types of haunting around the world and who would be called to fix it. We have seen a lot of research teams out there that of course maybe able to document the case but that's as far as it goes. There is no solution, now there will be in 2011.
How important a role does your faith play in your investigation style?

Respect and understanding the possible type of entity you are dealing with plays a huge role. Of course even though on some occasions the entity may have a negative side to it, its ability to manipulate its signature and disguise itself as something else has to be acknowledged before you deal with it. It really is a magical world full of mystery. For a long time I thought it has gone, but really in the great EMF scale we only see a hairs breath of the scale that surrounds us on a daily basis. A scale which can stretch 93 million miles. So all we see, really is nothing. There is so much more out there that we could not even imagine and only now are we starting to see into the cracks of the veil that is making us re-evaluate our understanding of this phenomenon.  Thinking outside the box is a necessity and understanding the nature of the spirit it key to this so to try and capture any evidence outside of the norm. 

What experience set you on the course of paranormal investigation?

Growing up in a haunted house I saw my first full bodied apparition on Christmas eve. 

Growing up in Ireland, how did that effect your beliefs in the paranormal?

Island life isolates people more so from the normal landmass and I can see this effect on other cultures and acceptance of the paranormal. Though in Ireland it was seen as a taboo as such, especially in a land ruled by the hand of Rome. But that is changing very fast. In rural setting the nature spirits are still talked about and in some parts even acknowledged and for good reason.
Do you do anything before an investigation to prepare yourself?

I would advise people do this, however in my experience in order for me to get a true understanding of the paranormal I had to leave myself open and experience what others were. This allowed me to build an understanding of the phenomenon and of course come up with a solution. If I asked for protection then I was robbing myself from part of the phenomenon and therefore could not offer a good solution.

What, if anything scares you?

Manikins, spiders and heights. 

Would you encourage people to get into ghost hunting, or do you think its a "special calling"?

I do think its calling and many people will phase into it and then leave soon after. Teams appear and disappear all the time but I have been here for 19 years researching and many more to come. It truly is a calling.

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