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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Paranormal In The News 07/06/10 - More Big Cat Sightings In Norwich

Norwich Evening News 
Reports of big cat sightings in the Norwich area have flooded in since the Evening News revealed that a large black cat-like animal had been spotted by a motorist off the A47.

Phil Grimes was driving eastbound on the single carriageway A47 from Norwich when he saw an animal in a field about 200 yards away off the road near North Burlingham, on Friday, May 28.

He said the animal had a heavy, thick tail, looked like a black leopard, and was about the size of a German Shepherd in height, but had a longer, distinctly cat-like body.

Since then eagle-eyed readers have told us their own stories of seeing big cats and providing more evidence that Norfolk is a hot spot for sightings.

Ten-year-old Ella Jennings said she was walking with her family along the A47 at Cringleford on Easter Sunday when they spotted a big cat.

She said: “It was between 6pm and 7pm when we could see a black figure in the grass. 

“It stood still as if frozen and then ran behind a tree. We then moved back and spotted it again. 

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