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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Paranormal In The News - St Bart's is heaven for spectres and spirits

Rouse Hill Times 
HAZEL Magann has spent 35 years researching family history.
Discovering her husband’s heritage at St Bartholomew’s Church and Prospect Cemetery unravelled a world of ghosts.
The Lethbridge Park woman is now the go-to person for ghostly experiences. ``There have been a lot of sightings,’’ she said.
``There is a man who prefers the foyer of the church, he has attempted to communicate with a number of people.’’ John Ponds is one name that rolled off Mrs Magann’s lips as we chatted more about the towering character. ``Many children see him and always say he is a kind man, despite his size,’’ she said.  ``He contacted me and asked I reach one of his relatives. I contacted her and he had already spoken to her.’’
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