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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

More on the Luna Park Ghost Train Fire...

I'm just reading an transcript of an interview made with Martin Sharp made with the ABC.  He is the artist who made the memorial painting for the Luna Park train fire.
I wanted to show you part of this interview because he talks about his views on what happened on the day of fire at Luna Park. (Please note: these are the views of Martin Sharp and don't necessarily reflect the views of CCAPSG)

Rachael Kohn: The painting of these young, fresh-faced students, boys, and you've arranged them in a cross.
Martin Sharp: Yes, that's right. At the top is John Godson, and then underneath that are his two boys Damien and Craig and one teacher and there's four Waverley Christian Brothers boys make up the rest of the cross. They'd come from mass to die at Luna Park, the four Waverley boys, and I felt it was a most significant event, and I still do believe it to be so, a major religious event in the history of Sydney, if not wider.
Rachael Kohn: You said that you perceived it as a spiritual event, and one that you were in particular able to perceive as such.
Martin Sharp: I was in a position I think to perceive it. I was familiar with Luna Park and I knew it well, and it's really the most extraordinary event in my life, I would say, you know. I've tried to deal with it as best I can and to pass on what I've perceived about it, but I still have a way to go on it.
Rachael Kohn: Well there's a lot more that you've mentioned to me that isn't here, such as your references to the biblical passage 7:31 Jeremiah which refers to the Canaanite sacrifice of the first-born children by passing them through the fire. The worship of Moloch.
Martin Sharp: It is up there, there's a reference to it up there, but of course you could have a whole exhibition on the subject, I think would be most interesting. I think that's absolutely what it was and Moloch's sacrifice was made as far as I can tell from the history of it, was made of children into the fire to bring power to the king. Fun-fairs are Molochian temples disguised to pass into the modern world as an amusement, or an entertainment, but at certain times they fulfil their destiny and become the scenes of such tragedies.
It's not unique of course, this fire at Luna Park in the history of fun-fairs and deaths in the ghost houses. There seem to be scenes of where the deaths occur. That sort of inherent sort of creepiness you do feel about some fun-fairs and the sort of canned laughter of clowns and false fun of these places, ultimately. Which I fell for in the beginning, that's for sure. I loved Luna Park, and river caves, and there was great charm there and inventiveness. But it was a Moloch Temple disguised as a fun fair.
Rachael Kohn: Do you see the world in a sense as a struggle between the forces of light and the forces of darkness?
Martin Sharp: Yes, I think that's going on all the time.
Rachael Kohn: And the carnival is a graphic portrayal of this, a distillation?
Martin Sharp: Well it's that world of - you can expand it to include Hollywood and Las Vegas and places like this where the sign of the beast, or the Beast rules these places you know. You see it for instance in the roulette wheels which are central to casinos. The numbers of the roulette wheel add up to 666, the Number of the Beast in the Book of Revelations. So that's interesting, these patterns are there.
Rachael Kohn: So Martin, you're very interested in the numerology of this nether-world.
Martin Sharp: Well I was never any good at maths to start with initially, but I certainly studied it a bit. I was told that by an ex-croupier about the significance of the number of the roulette wheel.
Rachael Kohn: Have you ever tested that, or do you take it on faith?
Martin Sharp: I tested it of course. It's correct, and please do so in yourself, and you'll see it's often included in the films. Most films has numbers referred to, in sometimes a disguised manner like saying, 'Oh, you're going away for six months?' 'Yes, six months, yes I'll be back in six months time', in that sort of way, you know, sort of -
Rachael Kohn: So your antenna is on the alert for signs of the Beast?
Martin Sharp: Well I think it's essential these days. Especially after I did make complaints about that fire and the execution of justice and relations with the victims, and not a popular point of view necessarily.
Rachael Kohn: I remember talking to you around the time of the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in Barcelona, where there was a lot of fire, and you saw that as quite demonic.
Martin Sharp: Well I did, yes. Well it did seem to portray demons running into the auditorium with flaming torches and I suppose to do with the fire and the symbol of the Olympic flame perhaps.
Rachael Kohn: Have you always felt this way, or have you been reading more about this? Has your mind turns to this more in recent years?
Martin Sharp: Well yes, in recent years, definitely, because of the fire at Luna Park, and because of questions, unanswered questions I began to look at them, and extraordinary things began to turn up. Coincidences beyond the degree of acceptability. I mean everything did seem to have a coincidental relationship, the scriptures, the boys who came to die in the fire, and the scriptures that were read to them. I began to check out religious calendars, things like this, to investigate it pretty thoroughly, and I hope not in an hysterical way, or anything like this but rather in a scientific way I like to think. And I think it's something that does need to be looked at while it's still relatively fresh. Not really the dark side of it but that God spoke beyond and above that, you know. You could see a demonic side of it in one level, and I saw it in a Christian way, but a level of it which was above and beyond matters of God had knowledge of these things, it's quite hard to express these things.
Rachael Kohn: Martin, are you saying something like God was sending a message about evil, about children, about their deaths?
Martin Sharp: Well I think they were plot of the death was indeed a human sacrifice, I would call it without a doubt, and this time was successful, and it did bring power to the darker side, the more concealed side of Sydney, but there was another level to it which was of God using it in itself to express God's overall awareness and control. Not causing the event that mankind or various occult forces caused it, but the word,.even on a level which is quite strange like the Pope is heading on a train to Auschwitz at the time of the fire at Luna Park. I looked up what was going on in the world about trains, and that was the Pope going to Auschwitz. The first time the Pope had ever made that trip. And Bob Dylan was recording that album, Slow Train Coming, and it was a train strike. It was the only train running that night was the Ghost Train.
So all these things begin to add up, and the extraordinary photograph which is on the last edition of The Sun newspaper there of the horned figure from the Shell Folkloric Festival, putting his arm on the boy Damien Godson who was to die in the fire that night, you know, and asking the mother to take a photograph, and that's an extraordinary picture which implies an act of dark magic going on if you like. And it was Jenny Godson the widow, and you know, mother who lost her children who gave me that photograph and showed it to me and said she found it extraordinary and it was a moment that was just a few hours before the children died in the fire. So it's as if he's been chosen, has been touched for a purpose within this larger picture of the Molcoh, the sky and the costume which belongs to no national group whatsoever, but to an occult tradition.
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After reading that, what are your thoughts?

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