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Monday, October 25, 2010

Bizarre In The News - Ghostly photograph taken at execution site

"The Galleries of Justice in Nottingham claims to be one of the most haunted locations in Great Britain.
Scores of highwayman, murderers and thieves were subjected to public hangings from within its walls.
Many modern visitors to the site in Nottingham, now a museum, claim to have witnessed spooky goings-on from flying orbs to strange smells and rattling keys.
Now, a couple has stepped forward claiming to have photographic evidence of a supernatural being haunting the former dungeon.
Christine Spice visited the old prison and courtrooms with her partner Denyer earlier this month and took snaps of what she describes as "an eerie mass of white, like an evil male figure."
The figure is pictured behind a second apparition, which appears to be a small child in some form of period dress, captured on Christine's mobile phone camera."

To read more click on the link above.

From Bryony:
Hmmmm looks like a classic case of pareidolia to me or even motion blur... What are your thoughts?

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