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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Supernatural acts or mischevious minds: When things move or re-appear without explanation

So often you need to check yourself - you know that something isn't right but you don't want to label it as 'supernatural'.

You notice something has moved or mysteriously reappeared - you question yourself, your family, room mates, co-workers. Usually the answer is that someone 'did it'.

Other times there is no adequate explanation, like the two true tales I am about to share with you.


Everyone loses their keys. But I'm an extroverted sanguine type personality so I am always putting stuff down and then not remembering where they are because I'm talking, moving, not concentrating. So when I lost my Church keys at a tag Rugby training session it was no surprise. But how they turned up was.

When I realised they were missing I re-traced my steps. I contacted the person I got a lift with. I checked the street where he dropped me off. I went back to the training ground. I got my 'eagle eyed, never miss a thing' wife to scour the house. Nothing.
Every morning I stood in front of the area where my keys would normally be as did my wife. I looked at that spot. And as they hang on a long bright blue lanyard, they were always impossible to miss. I began to plan to get new one's which was expensive as they were a very specific locking system which was over $100 to replace per key.

The same morning I made that decision to replace the keys I stood where I always did when I leave home, in front of a dresser. There, hanging perfectly were the keys.

I questioned every single person in the house. No-one had seen, touched or replaced them. It was as if they just magically appeared in the spot where they normally hung.

The only thing I know is that someone put them back, but not anyone in our house. But whoever did, knew I was looking for them and saved me a lot of time, money and trouble. I am very thankful to them. :)


Surfboards are made of shaped foam, covered by fibreglass. They are beautiful but fragile. When you knock them with your knee's or elbows you get deep 'depressions' in them. When you drop them on the ground, as they slip out of your hands occaionally, even a 10cm drop onto concrete or a road leaves a spiderweb like crack.

What I am trying to get across to you is that when a surfboard falls onto a hard surface, you know it by the dings and cracks. No doubt about it.

When the owners of the surfboard factory packed up, everything was in order. All the boards were on the racks, everything in it's place. No-one else had a key and there was no other access to the factory. In fact, a large trailer boat was stored inside and had to be pulled out each morning before you could get into the factory.

The day of the incident, a local pastor (me :) had been in to visit one of the workers who had been suffering from severe pain in the jaw. He had also been experiencing some very strange events at home. Things that were hard to determine the source of. But both he and his wife felt that another presence would often come into their room, and their boy had also seen the 'spooky' which they had seen appear as a black mass with form and at times physical intent which resulted in touching.

We prayed together, I asked that he would be healed in Jesus name and that also any spiritual forces which may have been oppressing him would cease and desist.

The next morning I recieved a phone call from the owner of the factory..

"Baz, you wouldn't believe it, I think we have a spooky"..

"Why do you think that"?

"Because we came in, and two of our fish boards were lying flat on the ground in the middle of the floor, five feet away from their stands. I know for a fact that we didn't put them there as they were in the stands last night".

"And they couldn't have fallen?"

"Baz, the floor is concrete and rough, every board that has ever fallen has had to go straight into being repaired. There is not a mark on either of these boards. Someone has deliberately put them there".

"Have you ever had anything else happen like that?"

"Yeah, (co-worker with the 'supernatural' stuff in his house) had a ladder that was leaning up against a wall securely jump off the wall at him. Also, you see things that make you turn to look and you feel like you are being watched".

Ok, so that isn't evidence that anything supernatural is going on. But it is certainly worthy of additional investigating. A camera would soon sort out how things are being moved.
Have you or any of your friends or family experienced something like this? Was there a logical explanation? We'd love to hear your stories.

Pastor Baz.

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