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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Follow up to the haunted halfway house part 3

Last week Pastor Baz did a second post about a follow up to the haunted half way house investigation. To read it, click here.

He asked for advice on what equipment to use, the best approach etc.

Allen from Eidolon Paranormal said:

"I would look into EMF readings in the two rooms you speak of, first with the electricity on, then without, see if there is difference in reading - EMF is a powerful thing, it can change the way we think, and if exposed to high levels for long durations, one can feel watched or even see apparitions..."

I agree with Allen. High EMFs can cause a whole range of problems (paranoia, sickness) and could be causing the oppressive atmosphere. Some people theorise that high emf levels produced by power points etc can give spirits energy to manifest. 
Either way, the EMF levels need to be looked into and if needed an electrician could be called.

The sudden drops of temperature mentioned by Baz should be recorded with thermometers. I would get a base temperature and then record any fluctuations. Check for drafts, open windows, heaters/air conditioning units etc. Looking for anything that could rationally explain the drastic drops in temperature. By eliminating the rational explanations we can then look into other causes of the phenomena.

I would put voice recorders/cameras in all the rooms where activity has been reported to see if any of the noises can be heard. I would look for anything that could cause the sounds of footsteps (pipes/floor boards expanding and contracting) or screaming? 

If we had the equipment available I would use a Accelerometer to record any vibrations etc for measuring/capturing the footsteps.

I would also spend some time in each room to get a feel for the atmosphere. I think our bodies are as important as all the other equipment on measuring atmosphere, temperature and general feelings. 

At some point as well I would try to find out the history of the building. What it was before. If anything negative had ever happened there etc.

After collecting all the information together I would then show the clients and ask them how they wanted to proceed. 
What would you do? Would you do things differently? If so, how?


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