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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Real Life Story - The Hisser

I say it here all the time - I know I'm a lazy researcher but that is because stories always come to me when you work in a Church. We get access to stuff that could keep a team busy for months.
Maybe we need to team up with someone else who can follow all our leads up from a technical and investigative perspective :) Any takers :)
Last night, a lady in her mid twenties who is highly intelligent, articulate, well educated and not overtly spiritual asked if she could talk to me after the Church service.
If you are a regular visitor here you may recall that she had shared with me in the last month how that in her first night at a half way house for women that something that was obviously present had been next to her bed deeply breathing all night, to the point where she was terrified to sleep. We had gone to the house and prayed. And I'm not exagerrating this to make a blog interesting - even without knowing the room she was talking about, everyone who walked in felt very, very oppressed and commented on it. It was a room that made you feel haired out for no obvious reason.
So when we sat down I assumed this may have something to do with the house again and hoped that the cleansing had worked.
"Baz, you know how I told you about the breathing thing. Well I had to do an overnighter again at the house. I was a bit stressed but put on some worship music in the loungeroom and started to sing. And then it started".
"What started" I asked quizzically.
"Well, this sounds really weird, and I'm not overspiritualising things when I say this....but something was in the room. I couldn't see it but it was a force that was just a few feet away from me and it was hissing at me".
"Hissing like a cat"?
"Like this....HISSSSSSS....." And she made a really awful throaty gutteral cat like noise.
"How long did it go for"?
"It went for about ten seconds....it wasn't static or background noise....something was in the room hissing at me".
"Did you notice anything else".
"I noticed that when I was trying to sleep that the beaded pulley for the blinds kept getting played with. Not like a breeze was doing it but like someone was pulling it through their fingers".
I made a couple of suggestions in terms of taking spiritual authority over the room when that happened and promised to get back to her asap.
So anyway, in terms of Unity in the Paranormal Community, I'm grateful that Allen Tiller and his team at Eidolon provided some very good feedback on conducting an investigation which we will implement this week if I can drag Shannon out of the shaping bay :)
If we get anything recorded we'll put it out there for public listening and open analysis.
I agree with guys like Abel Garcia, there are too many false anomalies that get named as real paranormal phenomenon. He is correct in saying that it has gone too far and we need some serious discernment and thorough analysis. The Paranormal has become an industry but that does not change the reality that there are things happening that are not easily explained. I just hope that in dealing with each other in this area we can show a lot of mercy and grace along the way, so people stop flinging stones at each other.
But this one has me really intrigued so i'll stop taking the path of least resistance in my busy life (which as I mentioned tends to be consumed by sport) and get cracking on this one with Bryony and the team.
Keep you posted.
May the peace of the Lord be with you always - Pastor Baz.

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