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Monday, October 4, 2010

Follow up to the haunted half way house: Phase 2 of an investigation

One thing that we at CCAPSG try to adhere to is taking a stance of humility. 

We believe that it is important to be transparent, admit we don't have all the answers or processes and ask for assistance as well as peer review on all our cases. 

At the moment another researcher is following up on one of our crypto cases to see if there is any evidence of it other than hearsay. It could end up debunking our story, but the truth is more important than an interesting blog. We need to welcome peer critique, criticism and review, from believers, non-believers, skeptics and everyone else in the spectrum.  

As we discussed last week, out of the blue I was asked to be part of a team praying for a suspected haunted house.

Ministry teams investigating the paranormal tend to be strong on prayer but weak on investigation and scientific technique.

At the house, it became obvious that something was going on that was not easily explained. So I sent the case workers an audit to fill in, which is always stage two for us in an investigation.

I reviewed the audit with the case workers and confirmed that:

- There were sudden drops in temperature in at least two rooms in the house, that could be measured with the right equipment.

- There are footsteps in the loungeroom and on the roof that have been identified as bipedal in nature and animals have been ruled out by a pest controller who investigated.

- There has been heavy breathing heard in a room where there is no-one else but the witness. This room has a definable heaviness which is experienced just by walking into it, even if you are unaware of the other factors.

- There have been screams heard in a room where there is no-one else but the witness.

- New case workers, without prior information turn around to see who is in the room with them due an intense feeling of being watched or a presence in the room.

The next step for our team is to investigate these elements, look for natural causes and then move onto the next stage:
So, what I'm asking is - help us to determine the best way to assess this, which equipment to use, how to use it, how to measure the data.

True unity in the paranormal community is working together, so I welcome your suggestions and feedback. Let's do this case together.

Pastor Baz.

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