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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Blue Mountains Ghost Tour Part 2: The Courthouse Part 1

From Baz

Once you have visited a haunted graveyard on a ghost tour as your first stop (and you are creeped out), there is a sense of safety back on the bus. You laugh, compare notes, it’s warm, you can eat a chocolate bar, it’s almost civilised. The bus drives along dark roads and you don’t notice until it hits the brakes. You look out your window through streaks of rain and there you see it – the creepy old courthouse and jail.

The girls decide it’s time – time to go to the toilet that is. But the toilets are wayyyyy down the back and look ever creepier than the ‘haunted’ courthouse. So they wait.

Pete shows us behind a fenced off area next to the courhouse, the foundation stones for the solitary confinement area which has since been torn down. “You would be placed in there for fourteen days with bread and water if you were lucky, living in your own excrement – simply for being found in the company of Aboriginals:

It seems life was a lot hasher in the middle of the 1800’s. And very harsh if you were an indigenous Australian.

Once we entered the building Pete took us into what was usually the most active room – the clerics office. A few people felt wobbly but apart from that not a lot of k2 meter action. The real action was in the next room.

“This is the room where the red coats used to live” Pete pointed out to us. Red coats were soldiers aligned with the British Empire and some were ex-convicts themselves. Apparently they were men who didn’t understand ‘mercy’ and ‘compassion’.

“….In this cupboard is a whip….” Pete pulled out a replica whip and showed us “…and that device you see there is the whipping stool, you placed your arms along here and they gave you lashed on it”.

Pete explained that in this room has a few issues. The door slammed really hard last time they were there freaking everyone out. The whipping stool often moves of its own accord and thumps and bangs it’s away along the floor.

“I don’t come out here when it does that, I give it 15 minutes and then I come back out from the court room. Sometimes when I crack the whip it seems to stir things up…..”

Pete lifted the whip and gave it a fairly underwhelming crack.

Within seconds the K2 meters went ballistic. You could feel a presence in the room. And even worse for me a white shape appeared to my right and moved straight into me, making my eye go blurry for about four seconds and my hand numb for half an hour.

Had I just been slimed? (That’s a joke, I’m still using null hypothesis for all you skeptics)

“Dahhhh…something just ran into me”. I rubbed my right eye (which stayed blurry and sore for the next 48 hours).

Let me clarify just the facts:

- The whip cracked.
- Seconds after the crack the K2 meters went off – all the one’s I am aware of that were in the room.
- A white misty shape without form moved up the side of the room right next to me. (And to my knowledge no-one else saw it).
- The shape passed through me and affected the sight in my right eye, and I lost my clear vision for around four seconds, in a similar feeling to conjunctivitis, my eye felt gooey to the point where I was trying to rub it clean afterwards.
- The shape moved through my right arm and my hand which was on an old fireplace went tingly like it was asleep. That lasted for maybe half an hour.
- There was no sense of heat or cold. In my head I would have expected it to feel cold just from the ‘stories’ but instead as it moved into me it affected my senses (vision and feel) rather than any feeling of energy transfer.
- I didn’t say it was a ghost.
- It moved really quickly and had no obvious form.

After a quick debrief we were told that we were heading into the courtroom and the jails, where the real action normally took place.

It was time for a quick prayer. Once again I felt this was an issue of horrible deeds being done, which attracted dark things. I asked the Lord Jesus Christ to take authority here, to protect us and once again, an overwhelming sense of asking for forgiveness for what had been done here.

And without further ado, we moved onto the courtroom, which had sentenced the murderer of the black lady to death…..

To be continued.

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  1. You eye went blurry and gooey......imagine what happened to the "whatever it was" as it passed through a child of God!