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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Real Life Stories: The Disembodied Voices

On numerous occasions whilst carrying out my duties as a cleaner at my local church I have encountered some strange things...

The thing I have experienced most often is the cry or yelp to describe it better of a woman and sometimes what sounds like young children... this always happens in the same location.... outside the toilets and councelling room where there is various councelling, prayer ministry and deliverance..
Alough a little unnerving this has not been a particularly frightening experince.

A little more unsettling was the shadowy figure or shape or I don't really know how to describe it... kind of lightening bolt but not really. Anyway this thing whatever it was was only in my line of vision for a few seconds then darted off towards the offices, as this was upstairs near the fire hydrant.. I was in the building on my own it was about 7am.
Although I didn't see the shadow again that morning I felt like I was being watched while I carried out my duties.

I have heard footsteps many times when the building has been empty, aside from myself, not creaking but the definate sound of feet dragging on the carpet.

And finally about 8am one Saturday I was cleaning one of the rooms upstairs when I heard someone call out "hello". This was nothing unusual as people often come and go from the church so I called back but no answer other than "hello hello" I thought whoever it was had not heard me and was probably wondering why the alarm wasn't on if there was no one there so I proceeded to follow the voice which was periodically calling out "hello" to let them know I was in the building.

I checked every room following the voice (male) around the building thinking it odd that they had not heard me or answered me.
I started to feel my heart pumping as I realised there was no one there. I could still hear "Hello" but could find no one. I ran outside to look for a car
but there was none.
I was so frightened I stood outside for ages watching all the doors that exit the church. waiting for someone to come out... no one did.

Scared out of my wits I re-enterd the church and called out one last time "who's there?" but there was no answer. I did not hear the voice again that morning...

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