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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Blue Mountains Ghost Tour Part 3: The Jail and The Courthouse

Hey Bryony, what did you notice about the courtroom? Did you feel any false positives were being set up by the story about the girl who died in the fireplace grate ( A two year old girl got her head stuck in the grate and suffocated many years ago)? Did the EMF or camera's pick anything up?

We were being told what we'd feel and therefore we'd begin to feel it. But to be fair to Pete that is his job as tour guide. If he took us around and didn't tell us anything about the places then he wouldn't be a very good tour guide. And I have to say he is very good at his job. The amount of knowledge he has of the area is amazing.
In the courtroom there were no results with the k2's that I was aware of and although "orbs" came up in photos I would say they were dust kicked up by us walking around.

Did you notice that where people sat during sentencing there were nail marks in the wooden beam, from anxious picking? I sat in there and was told psychics get hammered in that spot, but (and I'm a Pastor not a psychic) I felt like I was just sitting in a seat. What were your thoughts on the stories we were told in there?

To be honest I didn't notice where the nail marks were. It was funny as I was in full debunk mode and being very skeptical. For example we found a speaker under a table but it turned out they use that for re-enactments. When we did lights out and had the silence for a few minutes I honestly didn't feel anything. As for the stories we were told in there, they were all personal experiences. They were from mainly clairvoyants, psychics etc who experienced things in a certain chair. This could have happened but there's no way to prove or disprove it. I didn't feel/see/catch anything but that doesn't mean there was nothing there. I didn't risk sitting in that chair though!! ;-)

The jail was a different story. The presence of something was palpable without the stories (in my opinion). We were warned that prison officers and police who do the tour are often bounced off the walls and attacked (would like to interview anyone who had that experience if you are reading this). Kel and I just prayed, again asking God to bless and consecrate the area and forgive what was done there. What did you experience?

In the room where the prisoners were kept there was definately a feeling in the air - quite heavy and oppressive (in my opinion). To me it felt residual, there would have been such emotion in there that I think some of that was hanging around.
Im not sure if anyone had k2 hits in there as I wasn't holding mine but I dont think there was.
In the room before the jail our k2's all went off as Pete (the tour guide) pulled the whip out (the whip was used to punish prisoners). That was weird but I would have to investigate more as to what caused the k2's to go off. There was a cupboard FULL of electrical stuff right near where the k2's went off so not sure if something in there made them react? They didn't react again though so maybe it was something paranormal? Like I said, I was trying to be very skeptical about everything and not jump to conclusions.

And then there were the toilets down the back right next to where the zombies live (just joking). I felt safer down there with my torch than I did at the courhouse.

It wouldn't surprise me if there were a few zombies lurking down there! It was a pretty freaky looking building and us girls ended up going in the boys toilets because we were scared! haha. Nothing happened though except giggling :)

One of my observations, totally unprovable, is that when you pray, even if people aren't aware of what you are doing, the 'foreboding' or 'oppresiveness' for want of a better word 'heaviness' seems to break. My theory is that Jesus has authority over the spirit world and when you ask Him to come into the situation He does and a sense of peace returns. I'm not sure if it stays that way long term but that was how I felt. Did your friends who may not share our Christian views entirely feel any of that?

Maybe subconciously we could sense a change in the atmosphere. One friend who knew you guys had prayed said she felt better but i'm not sure anyone else was aware of it. I certainly felt better after you said a prayer in the graveyard.

to be continued...

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  1. Where are you brave guys & girls finding the time...??:o I will stay tuned :)