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Monday, November 16, 2009

Paranormal In The News This Week 16/11/09

An interesting article from CNN - Ghosts, monsters, dragons: What to tell kids. click here for the article.

The creature in Central Park - click here for a link to the story.

Headline says "Tourist captures "ghost" near old hanging tree." Click here for the news story. There is a form here that is slightly angel/human shaped but I think this is due to matrixing (an effect where your brain tries to make sense of patterns by making them look like something familiar) I think the image could be attributed to cigarette smoke or breath in the air as Scotland is not a warm place. What other explanations could there be for this photo? Please comment below.

Big cat print found in scotland click here for the Big Cats In Britain website.

Photo from the Former Roe Valley Hospital. What are your thoughts as to what this could be? The news story is saying its a ghost. Click here for the story. In my opinion it is likely to be motion blur ie something stationary in the photo but the camera has been moved (not necessarily deliberately) and produced this effect. Also without another photo of the same area to compare it to we can't say what it is.

Headline says "Unconfirmed photo of alien in Queensland" click here. It is a human/alien shape but because of the lack of information we can't really make a comment as to what it actually is.

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