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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Paranormal in the news this week 09/11/09

Did these guys catch a ghost on film? Click here for more information.

Did Destination Truth find evidence of the Yeti? click here to find out.

Women in the Paranormal click here for an interview with Alexandra Holzer, daughter of Hans Holzer

Was bigfoot caught on camera? Click here for the story on Phantoms and Monsters blog.

Your ghost photos revealed on WGAL.com click here to see.

Black Panther spotted in Factory. Click here for the news story.

7,000 flock to shrine to see 'apparition'. Click here for the story.

Theme Park had to be excorcised after employees used a Ouija board. Click here for article.

Apparition caught on camera at Union Restaurant, Northampton, MA. Click here for story.

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