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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Paranormal in the News 23/11/09

Is West Virginia part of Bigfoot’s migration route? click here for the article.

Burmas junta leader orders spirit to be handcuffed every night - read the story here on phantomsandmonsters.com

Peter Jackson's ghostly encounter in Wellington, NZ click here for news story.

Headline reads - "Mysterious Skeleton Haunts the Chelsea Hotel" To read the blog click here A mother and daughter had a ghostly encounter whilst staying at the Hotel Chelsea. Lights would switch on and off, the drains would bubble and they heard a disembodied voice. During there stay they took a photo of a closet and when they looked at the photo when they got home they noticed a skeleton face. I can see what they are looking at but in my opinion it doesn't resemble a skeleton face. It actually appears to be a mark on the wood and the "skeleton" is a product of matrixing where the brain tries to make sense of random images.
It would be good if someone else could take a photo of the same area to see if the mark is there.

Click here for a list of the oddest haunted places on earth. There's pizza hut, thorntons chocolate shop, cinemas and a blockbuster in Arizona thats mentioned and its not the only blockbuster thats supposedly haunted...check out this video they linked to thats done the rounds on youtube.

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