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Sunday, November 29, 2009

This Weeks Paranormal In The News 30/11/09

Click here for a news story from The Pueblo Chieftain newspaper on some footage that the Southern Colorado Paranormal Researchers think they've captured.

An interesting take on Paranormal Activity from the guardian newspaper. click here

The UFO landing at Presque Beach
Not a recent news story but interesting none the less click here.

What better way is there to decorate your tree than a bigfoot/yeti Christmas tree ornament? Click here to check 'em out.

Is bigfoot loose in San Antonio? click here for Cryptomundo's article.

Ghost hunters claim apparition led them to discovering bones. Click here for news story.


  1. Ha ha, when I was flying to Colorado this year on United, they had a brochure that was offering this 'garden yeti' which is the same as the one in the post. I sooooo wanted to buy it but Kel wouldn't let me, Dean Harrison if you ever want to get me a present, this is the one mate.

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