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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Real Life Stories: The Flying Cup

By Baz

We’ve talked in the last couple of weeks about how malevolent spirits seem to be attracted to conflict, unforgiveness, bitterness, envy etc.

This story reinforces my view on that.

Every time a particular conflict arose at Church, we would experience paranormal phenomenon. If it wasn’t shadow people and disembodied voices, it was a general feeling of malaise that could not be attributed to anything else and it permeated certain area’s with a ‘jelly like’ intensity, ie you could just walk in a room and it would stick to your very being.

This time it was my office. It felt incredibly heavy in the room. There was no chemical reason, I am reasonably sure my fish tank filter was not producing infrasound between 17-19hz J but this particular day it felt like the 'devil was sitting in my office' for want of a better selection of words.

How had I allowed this to happen? Possibly by getting involved in other people’s disputes and picking up their spiritual warfare as a by product. Then when it was attached to me, not bringing the cross of Jesus Christ between myself and their ‘spiritual stuff’.

This is not meant not to apportion blame to other people, nor to not take personal responsibility. It was simply a process where I allowed conflict to come into my office via counselling/mediation/prayer times, feeling the heaviness during the session and then not clearing the place out spiritually. As a tip, if you do this in one particular area, you can contain it better. But if you do this in your house or office, especially where the person feels a malevolent entity is at work, you can end up with it hanging around.

So after one of our admin team complained that my office made them ‘feel like crying’ it was time to do an cleansing/binding/exorcism on the room.

Pastor Robin Swope, the ‘Paranormal Pastor’ had just releases his book on the subject of exorcism and it had arrived via Amazon two days before. I went and got a cup of water, prayed the blood of Christ over it and placed it on my filing cabinet.

I then started the cleansing from the book. The room felt better.

Now the sealing part. In the name of Jesus I sealed the room off from other spirits and also so any spirits within may not leave.

That’s when things got funky..

The cup of water on my cabinet was flung off where it was safely away from the edge and perfectly upside down on the floor. I looked at it for a number of seconds and then yelled for assistance.

As we completed the binding part of the process, papers ruffled and noises emanated around the room, like an angry child trying to make known their discontent.

Then finally, the casting out. The room became as light as a feather and peace was restored. Since that time my office is once again an awesome place to work in.

The name of Jesus has authority for believers - and that's all it takes - a step of faith. You don’t want to be like the ‘Sons of Sceva’ in the book of Acts in the Bible, the Jewish exorcist whose boys tried to copy the apostles in their deliverance ministry methods, but in rote form, not as believers who had received the Holy Spirit and the authority of Jesus Himself. They were stripped naked by the man possessed of the ungodly spirit and beaten. Seven of the boys came undone that day.

So I encourage our readers, to pursue God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength, believe in His Son Jesus, and receive the Holy Spirit, because that is how the Kingdom of God comes to earth as it is in heaven. It starts with us. It’s not just about ‘avoiding hell’ but about seeing the captives set free on earth, one by one as the good news is proclaimed, sometimes in words, sometimes like in these stories in supernatural signs and wonders and other times in love, mercy, justice and hope.

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